Our programme has a clear management profile, with group project work that creates and develops software in various real-world contexts, giving you the opportunity to hone your creativity and develop and prove your skills. This allows you to work on projects with the opportunity to create realistic, team-oriented work, gaining experience in various roles. There is also an opportunity in term five to study abroad in Europe, Asia, or the US. All other term courses are mandatory.

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Term themes and courses

  • Term 1 - Team Programming

    Team Programming

    • Object-Oriented Programming, 7,5 credits (DIT042)
    • Mathematical Foundations for Software Engineering, 7,5 credits (DIT022)
    • Requirements and User Expericence, 7,5 credits (DIT045)
    • Mini Project: Team Programming 7,5 credits (DIT092)
  • Term 2 - Systems Development

    Systems Development

    • Data Management, 7,5 credits (DIT032)
    • Data Structures and Algorithms, 7,5 credits (DIT181)
    • Software Analysis and Design, 7,5 credits (DIT184)
    • Mini Project: Systems Development, 7,5 credits (DIT112)
  • Term 3 - Distributed Systems Development

    Distributed Systems Development

    • Fundamentals of Software Architecture, 7,5 credits (DIT344)
    • Mobile and Web Development, 7,5 credits (DIT341)
    • Software Development Methodologies, 7,5 credits (DIT347)
    • Mini Project: Distributed Systems Development, 7,5 credits, (DIT355)
  • Term 4 - Cyber Physical Systems and Systems of Systems

    Cyber Physical Systems and Systems of Systems

    • Development of Embedded and Real-Time Systems, 7,5 credits (DIT632)
    • Software Quality and Testing, 7,5 credits (DIT635)
    • Project: Cyber Physical Systems and Systems of Systems, 15 credits (DIT638)
  • Term 5 - Software Engineering for AI Systems

    Software Engineering for AI Systems

    • Change management in software development organizations, 7,5 credits (DIT035)
    • Software engineering for AI systems, 7,5 credits (DIT821)
    • Project: Software engineering for data-intensive AI applications, 15 credits (DIT824)
  • Term 6 - Software Engineering Research and Practice

    Software Engineering Research and Practice

    • Startups and Industrial Software Product Management 7,5 credits (DIT834)
    • Research methods in Software Engineering, 7,5 credits (DIT831)
    • Bachelor Thesis in Software Engineering and Management,
    • 15 credits, (DIT837)
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