Sara Ljungblad

Sara Ljungblad has a Ph. D in Human-Machine Interaction from Stockholm University, and presented her thesis “Beyond Users: Grounding technology in experience” in 2008. Sara has conducted research at the Mobile Life Centre in Stockholm (2008-2011), Viktoria Institute and University of Gothenburg (2003-2007) and at Microsoft Research in Cambridge (2008), UK.


Sara is interested in questions concerning good design, inclusive design and design skills and design methodology.

Her recent research concerns work among and together with practicing industrial designers at LOTS Design (2011-2014). The research has included to describe practitioner perspectives on service design, and design theory and design methodology, and to reflect upon the difference of research perspectives and practitioner perspectives on design. She is currently collaborating with interaction designers, industrial designers, people with cognitive disabilities, SVT Play and several other organizations.

Saras research has been published in research venues concerning interaction design, human computer interaction, user experience, ubiquitous computing, robotics, mobile interaction, visualization and design. This includes conferences such as: Siggraph, CSCW, CHI, Interact, Ubicomp, DUX, Mobile HCI, European Academy Design conference. Sara’s projects has been funded by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (Flexit), The swedish telecom authorities, Vinnova and EU.


Design tools
I work on a beta service intended to support UX designers and interaction designers to improve the experience of their solutions. The beta version Usepack concerns guidelines for online video.

Design knowledge
Saras research interest includes both theory and design practitioners perspectives on deisgn as a process.

One of Sara's research cases concerns perspectives and research on the experience of meal situations. What is the meal about? What is the role of the designed artefacts in the meal? People with disabilities in arms and hands support clarifying the relation between design, use qualities and use situations.

Playful photography
Exploring the digital camera as a creative tool. This includes context photograpy and lifelogging camera technology.

Mundane robotics
Studies of robotic products used in homes and semi-public environments such as hospitals, as well as ethical perspectives and use qualities. Sara and a few colleagues are starting a group that will conduct research on robotics (2016-)


Sara has shared course responsible for CIU280: Emerging trends and critical topics in interaction design at the interaction design and technologies program. She has also been teaching in the course TDA497:Interaction design methodologies, and in the course TDA289: Human Computer Interaction.

Sara Ljungblad

Contact Information

Sara Ljungblad

Avdelningen för interaktionsdesign,
Institutionen för data- och informationsteknikT, 412 96 Göteborg

Visiting Address:
Kuggen, Lindholmsplatsen 1

073-733 4893

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